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Last Will and Testament of Jones Fuller, May 1, 1815

March 6 1815

Recorded Book D
Fol. 137

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In the name of God Amen. I Jones Fuller of Franklin 
County being of sound and perfect Mind and Memry Blessed be God 
do this first day of May in the Year of our Lord 1812
Do make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner
and form as follows that is to say

First I give my Right of all the property as I have give a bond to bestow
at my Decease that I had by my last wife these are her sones in law. 
That is to say Israel Bailey, John Upchurch and Lo Jackson, and
I will Name them if I can. If I forgit aney the Bond will call for them.
And I Desier they shall have them. First I give these three her sons
in law all my Right of the Land as her former husband left to her
his wife. I allso give to these sons in law of my wifes as was her Desier
to give her part to them in sted of herself, also 3 beds, 8 sheats on 3
coverlids, 1 bedstid, 3 dishes & basons on six plates, 1 Duch Oven,
1 Chist,1 cotton wheal,1 pare of Cards, 1 pare of tongs, 1 shovel, 1 old
ho, 2 old axes and 1 Meal Bag and if I have forgot anything I wont
my Executors to make it up to them. 1 womans saddle and bridle
also I give to my wife the horse I had with her and the Negro man
Jacob as long as she lives and as for my Children I have given to
them as much as I have for them at present. I give to Isham
Fullers chilldren two hundred dollars to be Equilly Divided be-
tween them if they are contented without seeking for any more but
if not satisfide to have not at all. I give and bequeath to my Daughter
Sealy Fullers Children two hundred dollars to be Equilly Divided
between them all but her son Jones and her son Henry them I give the
Land to that Arthur Fuller now lives on to be Divided between them.

I give to my son Archy Fuller my Negro boy called Sam.

I give to my son Bartholomew Fuller 1 Negro named Ben, then
is my son Henry Jones and Sarah L. Scott I have given two Negroes a
peace before; and Zilley Miller 2 Negroes before. I give to my son 
Demcy Fuller 1 Negro woman by the name of Tamer. I give to my
Daughter Milley Yarbrough 1 Negro girl called Jany. I give to 
my Daughter Mary Jordan the Child my Negro woman called Ab 
is now big with if the child lives; and I lend to Mary Jurdan
the Negro girl called Linder while Fanny marries or comes of age.

I give to my Daughter Olliv Bailey my young filley called the 
Rock Filley and one hundred Dollars to said Olliv Bailey.

Note A Bene
I give unto these three sons in law of my wife's eighty three 
pounds and four shillings as the Bond calls for as I sold my wife's property
for she would have it returned to them in stid of herself.
I give to my Daughter Fanny Fuller 1 Negro girl named Linder,
the same girl I lent to Mary Jordan while Fanny come of age or
married. I also give to my Daughter Fanny 1 Negro boy called Sandy and
I give her 1 bed and furniture, 1 womans saddle and bridle and 1 cow
and calf, 1 sow and pigs, 1 pot, 1 dish, six spoons, six plates, and
1 case of knives and forks and enough to buy her 1 good sute of clothes.

I give to my son Worrin [Warren] Fuller 1 Negro boy called Jacob and girl called Pat and 1 horse I had of my son Ephraim and my brand colt, 
1 saddle and bridle, 1 cow and calf, 2 sows and pigs, my small shot
shot gun and my musket. I also give this land and plantation whereon I live to my son Worrin Fuller after taking off what I want for Ephraim
and for Jordan only Fanny Fuller is to have a house and home
as long as she lives single or comes of age and I give my Desk
to my son Worrin and the other Desk to Fanny as was her mammys.
And to Worrin I give him money enough to buy him a good sute of clothes.

I give to my son Johnnathan Fuller forty acres of land lying in
the fork of the creek above Daniel Fullers and [a]joins George
Williams and I give to said Johnathan 1 Negro woman called Grace.
The land I give to my son Ephraim begins on Little River below his
house runs up the river to my spring branch then up the branch
to the Cole Branch to Jeffries line then Down
that line strait to the first station. The land I give to my
son Jordan Fuller is all the track [tract] I had of ten peaces [pieces] and
where he the said Jordan now lives down the river to the first 
branch above my upper field on the river strait on north course
from the river to Michal Dent's line. I Desier that Solomon, Stephen,
Dave and Middleton, Luce and Ab and Beck and Ann continue on the plantation under the command of my son Worrin Fuller and for the supoart of said Worrin and Fanny Fuller to be seen by my Executors 
to be an overseer over these Negroes untill Worrin and Fanny
marries or comes of age then I give Midleton to my son Alsay Fuller
and I give Stephen to my son Ephraim Fuller and I give Dave to
my son Jordan Fuller and after these last children comes of 
age I wont all the property I have to be lots and Equilly Divided
that is all I own at my decease all that Worrin can gain from my 
Diseas untill he comes of age is to be Divided between he and Fanny
only I wont Olliv Bailey to have one side saddle and bridle, 2 youes [ewes]
and lambs and Worrin 2 youes and lambs and Fanny 2 youes and lambs
and Johnathan 2 youes and lambs. I also give to Demcy Fuller 
fifty dollars at my decease or before if it can be made. 
I allso leave Luce and Able Luce to Worrin Fuller and Abb
to Fanny Fuller as there own Right. I allso give my black
mares filley to my daughter Fanny as her own Right and
all the geese I have at my decease to be Equally Divided be-
tween my son Worrin Fuller and and my daughter Fanny Fuller.
I allso give 1 large pott and 1 Duch Oven to Worrin and 1 large
pott and 1 Duch Oven to my daughter Fanny Fuller.
After my son Worrin and Daughter Fanny comes of age I
give my Negro girl called Easter to my Daughter Polly Jordan
and at the same time I give to my daughter Olliv Bailey my
Negro woman called Ann. All my stock of horses cattle 
sheep and hoggs Remaining over and above after my just debts
paid and Lands if any to be sold and Equilly Divided amongst all
my living children and as I have tried to Devide all between
my children and wife I now make or claim these worthy friends 
and sons of mine Bartholomew Fuller Ephraim Fuller and Worrin
Fuller Executors of this my Last Will and Testament where
in I set my hand and seal the day and year first above 
written. Signed sealed published and Declared by the said Jones
Fuller the testator to be his Last Will and Testament in the
presents of us who were present at the time of signing and
sealing there of.

Test Jones Fuller (seal)
Wiley Clifton jurat
Wiley C. Mitchell jurat
Earnest J. Brodie

Additional Comments:
Transcribed from original on file in NC State Archives
Call No. C.R.039.801.3
[words in brackets are the transcriber's]
An effort was made to keep punctuation and spelling 
(particularly as to the spelling of names) as in 
the original except where there are lists, in which case
commas have been inserted for ease of understanding.
The original document comprises four pages. 

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