May 4, 2014

Books I Own

I've been a geek for a looonnnngggg time. I have the piles of files, hand-scribbed notes, and books to show for it. You can barely see the top of my desk. Or the carpet on the floor for that matter...I have stuff piled everywhere!

I didn't realize how many books I have until I started listing them on the new page for this blog entitled Books & References

I've considered selling many of these books on eBay or the like, but gosh..I so love them. I love holding them, flipping through them for the 1,389th time, and letting my mind (such as it is) drift from historical place to historical place. I've surely missed my calling in life. I really should have been a historian, librarian, or archivist. But then I would have SO geeked out that I would never have made time for a family, and that would have been a darn shame.

So here I am - in the middle of life - having a perfectly awesome time with all my books, notes, files...and oh yes - THIS BLOG!

Take a look at the list of books. I'd be thrilled to look something up for you. I may not find your answer but we'll certainly have a grand time trying!

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