All about me

I'd rather be outside playing
I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious. 
-- Albert Einstein

That quote about sums me up!  I'm not particularly brilliant or interesting, but I do so enjoy my genealogy. It has been a life-long hobby I've enjoyed for many years. My research activity has ebbed and flowed, depending on the demands of life, but now that I'm an empty nester, I am making up for lost time!

I am one of the fortunate few who lives in the land of my ancestors. The great majority of my family was born, lived, and died within a few miles of where I now live. In this transient world, not many of us can make that claim!

Ted Stancil

Otherwise, I have an adult son who recently married and I own the sweetest pup in the whole world, Ted. I am an avid researcher and reader. 

Other than the son I am so very proud of, the most remarkable thing about me is that I am a cancer survivor. Cancer sucks and I documented every miserable thing about it in my other blog, What do you mean I have cancer?

The long version of who I am.....

- I have a BS degree in Criminology from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. 
- Thought I might want to be a lawyer but four years as a paralegal cured me.
- Worked in the legal and technology fields for 30 years.
- Been a car hop, shop-lifting spy, librarian, editorial assistant, writer, marketing manager, corporate trainer, babysitter, and skating rink DJ - but not in that order.
- A much-loved daughter, wife, mother, and now single middle-aged woman. 
- Obsessed with genealogy for over 30 years. 
- I was a blogger before blogging was cool.   
- I've lived in NC, Rhode Island, Texas, and Georgia. 
- Tattoos?  Have 2 of them. Ask me where. :-)
- I've had a home computer since 1988. 
- I love solving problems so genealogy is a natural fit for me.
- I'm a geek. I collect coins, stamps, and dead family members.
- I sincerely believe serving others is a true blessing.
- I really miss my mom and dad, both died in 1997. Seems like yesterday.


  1. Hi Carla, my name is Don Schreiner and I believe James Smith mentioned that you might be interested in talking to our Veterans group about your Father's military service. We are an informal group of veterans who enjoy hearing stories of fellow veterans. We meet at 2pm on the second Wednesday of each month and the program is usually one hour or less. If you are interested, please let me know at thehouseofschreiner@gmail.coml Don Schreiner

  2. Hello. My name is Nancy Curtis Holt. My adoptive mother's parents and others are buried at Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Archers Lodge. I would love any information you have on it. Della Parham Whitley and Joseph "Vic" Whitley were moms parents. Mom's name was Cymerline Whitley. Would also like to know how to get in touch with the church and find out when they hold services. Thanks so much, Nancy Holt

  3. the more i read your blog, the more i determine that we are related, lol. same names, same cities, same wars, same twigs, or as i call them, knots. i am my favorite cousin, lol.


  4. Hey Cuz. I am an offspring of the Jeffery Pearce line of Pearce's. Shoot me an email at

  5. Hello, I came across your blog by accident. I, too, am related to George Benjamin Allen and Mary Fleming Thompson, but have little genealogical information. I was wondering where they fit into your family tree and if you would be willing to share information connected to them that you might have.

    Thank you.

    Rick Gwynallen,

  6. But what is your name? I can't find it anywhere-- at least on the mobile version of your blog. You do great work and I'd like to know who you are. Thanks.

  7. I found I can subscribe to your blog by email, which I have done.

  8. I am a bit confused..what is your name?My name is Anna Adler Garrett from Tarboro N.C.My family are the Adler family from Tarboro N.C.I am from the greatest that you know my age..if interested my gmail is

  9. My name is Deborah Smith Ellis my father's James Malachi Smith my mother's Joan Mary Sund Smith grandmother on Father's Side it's magretta Ernestine permenter grandfather Rufus Louis Smith call him buddy my father was nicknamed Bucky we have a cemetery on Tryon Road and Community Hut on Summit Avenue was donated by my great-grandmother

  10. Hello!
    I am a descendant of an Ezekiel Fuller. Are you? I noticed you have the Fuller lineage story on this blog.
    I have read so much about how Ezekiel IS NOT the son of William Fuller and Sarah Martiau. Yet, all of the ancestry sites say that he is???
    Have you figured out the "real deal" about Ezekiel?
    Please message me back if you have clues.
    Thanks so much, Jane Richardson Dekle, Staunton, Virginia

  11. Carla Stancil You have done a great deal of work! I noticed the marriage bond for J.B. Allen and Julia Morgan in your documents on the Allens. I am descended from Amaryllia Morgan and James Barnett Allen. Julia and Amaryllis were daughters of Winfield Morgan and Piety Weathers. James Barnett Allen and Joseph Barnett Allen were the sons of Zachariah Allen and Rebecca Barnett. The Allens home place is called The Elms in the Wilton area.

  12. Hello, Deborah Astine Sutton was my greatgrandmother also (sorry don't have the math at the moment)and have enjoyed your "Diggin for Clues" entry on her life. I see you have looked at the Allen family in Wake County -- would that be the family of Rufus Heywood Allen (veteran of War Between the States)and his daughter Mary? I am descended from them and hope they might be the same Allens.