May 21, 2014

This way not that way: Henry Allen and Armeda Husketh

Just when I thought I had a solid line of evidence supporting the Allen branch of my family tree, I learned I had it all wrong. Hate that!

For years I thought I had the right Henry Allen. I chased Henry's family tree and collected documentation only to learn I had the wrong Henry Allen of Granville County. It happens. Especially in a world where "Henry" and "Allen" are common names. Shucks.

The result was a fairly extensive and well-documented Allen family tree. Except it was someone else's Allen family tree. Not mine. 

But thanks to my genealogy cousins (literally, cousins somewhere down the line), I am now on the right path. And as often happens, the right path leads to some amazing discoveries. Those brick walls came crumbling down.

Oh, Henry Allen, I'm so glad I finally found you and your elusive wife of many names:  Armeda, Aemecia, Mezie. Huskey, Husketh, Husky. I've discovered it really helps to have the right name when researching! Duh!

Family has told me again and again and again that my great great grandmother was Mezie Huskey Allen. So naturally, I set in search of Grandma Mezie. Except her real name was Armeda Husketh. Not even close to "Mezie". Argh!

Such is the nature of genealogy. You have to be flexible and willing to consider alternatives, even after you've spent years barking up the wrong tree!

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