May 23, 2014

ScanSnap: My new toy

Ok, so I shouldn't have. But I did. I finally broke down and bought myself a shiny new ScanSnap S1300I by Fujitsu. I've wanted one forever but resisted buying since it wasn't a "must have". But in a weak moment, I took a deep breath and bought one. I love it!

I rarely give into such impulses, but I have a pile of scanning about 2 feet high and my trusty old HP Office Jet just wasn't cutting it. I could take a nap in the time it takes the HP to scan a few pages. 

The ScanSnap is just the ticket for someone who does a lot of scanning. And it will serve me well in my quest for the paperless office. My goal is to get rid of my 4-drawer file cabinet and keep most documents digitally. 

Most of my scanning consists of wills, deeds, and old maps for my genealogy. I've been having a perfect blast today scanning my 3rd great grandfather Absolom Barber's War of 1812 service documentation and the mountain of claims by his 2nd wife Patience trying to get the government to let her have Ab's pension once he died.  

It seems little has changed since the War of 1812. It's still a significant hassle to get the government to live up to it's promises to veterans. Such a shame.

The ScanSnap was easy to set up and easy to use. And it's fast. I no longer have time to run downstairs for a Diet Coke before a page finishes scanning and rendering on my screen. 

Happy Day!

Fuller Land in Franklin and Granville County mid-1700s

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