May 26, 2014

William R. R. Husketh and wife Lincy Ellen Mariah Wilson - GGG Grandparents

After much research - and at long last - I'd love to introduce you to my great great great grandparents William R. R. HUSKETH and his lovely wife Lincy Ellen Mariah WILSON. 

William was born about 1817 in Granville County, NC as the first child of Archibald HUSKETH and his bride Claery BAILEY. He died some time after 1882 in Yancey County, NC. When he was 19, he married Lincy Ellen Mariah WILSON, beloved daughter of Sherwood WILSON and Stacy HUTSON, on 18 Nov 1836 in Granville County, NC.

William lived in the Beaver Dam and Cedar Creek areas of Granville County until he enrolled in the Confederate army on August 10, 1861. He served in Co. D of the 30th Infantry Regiment. He was likely a little older than most when he enlisted at the age of 44.

Once the war was over, he did not return home to his family in Granville County. The 1880 census finds him in Jacks Creek in Yancey County, NC married to Rhoda Mayfield. Rhoda was nearly half his age. I can't find any evidence of a divorce from his first wife, but need to do much more research. 

At the moment, it appears he left his first family when he enlisted and never returned to them, although a cousin has a letter indicating he was regretful about not seeing his children with Lincy. I've read that it's possible Lincy died around the time William entered the war, so there may a connection.

William and first wife Lincy had the following children:

  • Armeda HUSKETH was born about 1840 in Granville County and died about 1910. She married Henry ALLEN on 23 Aug 1870. These are my great great grandparents. 
  • John HUSKETH was born about 1840.
  • Arrilda HUSKETH was born about 1847.
  • Eugene Archibald Wilson HUSKETH was born on 07 Aug 1857 in Granville County and died on 01 May 1931 in Franklin Co. He is buried in the Lewis Augustus Wilson Cemetery in New Light,NC. He married Della HUSKETH on 07 Nov 1895.
  • Anterour T.

William and 2nd wife Rhoda MAYFIELD had the following children:

  • Lincy Ellen HUSKETH was born on 06 Dec 1866 and died on 29 Oct 1913 in Yancey County, NC. (Isn't it peculiar that William and 2nd wife named their first child after his 1st wife??)
  • Annis HUSKETH was born in May 1876 in North Carolina.
  • David HUSKETH was born in Sep 1882 in North Carolina.
I am sure there is way more to this story than I know currently, but stay tuned and I'll be sure to update you with any juicy details that may come my way!

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  1. Eugene Archibald Wilson HUSKETH was my Great Grandfather on my mothers side. My Grandfather was John Roy Husketh. Looks like we are related on the Pearce and Husketh sides of my family tree lol.