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Documenting sources for my genealogy research is one of my weak points. I always source when possible, but almost never to the perfection most advanced genealogists would probably prefer.

Not all my information comes from a reliable source. Some of it is speculation, or a figment of my imagination, or some thing I found on the internet. You know how it goes.

I typically record everything in my database. If a source isn't readily available or laying on my desk, I record it anyhow as a starting point when I'm ready to dig a little deeper.

I don't include sources with my posts so as not to muddy the post. But just ask me. If you want to know if I have a traditional source (ie birth certificate, death certificate, or some other official documentation)...just ask me. If I do, I'm happy to share. If I don't, I'll tell you that I made it up and I'm working to discover if my speculation is truth.

I have indeed done a mountain of real research. I've peppered my living family members with hundreds of questions, spent hours upon hours in the NC Archives, spent way too much money collecting "official" records, and untold hours on (which thankfully documents sources for me!) and all the other usual internet sites. I've poured over family Bibles, traipsed around cemeteries in the snow, and spent beautiful sunny afternoons in courthouse basements searching for deeds. Oh golly, do I despise deeds. They are my least favorite...of anything.

I love to share. And if I can "prove" a fact, I absolutely will. Otherwise you should assume it is unproven and do your own research. 

If you discover I'm wrong about something, well, please tell me. I'm very open to corrections, as long as you are kind about it.

Oh, and if you use or share my pictures or research, I'd really appreciate an acknowledgement. It's just the right thing to do and I'll be sure to return the favor.

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