Family Churches

Churches have always played an important part in our heritage. For those who partake, they become an integral part of our lives. Naturally, I am particularly drawn to churches that are part of my family's story. 

Certain churches speak to me. I can feel the spirit in these churches. They comfort me in a way having little to do with conventional faith, though I am a believer. 

I've always enjoyed photographing churches, particularly older rural churches. I've written a personalized history of a few churches that play a large role in my family history. 

Good Hope Baptist Church, Youngsville, NC

Without a doubt, the church with the greatest impact on my family is Good Hope Baptist Church in Youngsville, NC. Four generations of my DAVIS family are buried there as are my parents and many other family members. The DAVIS family reunion is held at Good Hope the first Saturday in each October.   

History of Good Hope Baptist Church

Find A Grave's Cemetery Census

Memories of Good Hope

Salem Primitive Baptist Church, Wendell, NC

Founded 1784. My paternal STANCIL line has strong ties to this church. My great great grandparents and my great grandfather are buried here. I'd like to document the history of Salem PBC. 

Caraleigh Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

Founded early 1900s. My grandparents, Ethel DAVIS and Atlas ALLEN, and their children, were active members.

New Light Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC

Founded:  1771. New Light Baptist Church is the oldest baptist church in Wake County and one of only two pre-revolution churches still in operation. My great grandparents, Sissy RAY and Eugene ALLEN, are buried here as are a number of their children.

Coming soon!

Brassfield Baptist Church, Creedmore, NC
Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church, NC
First Christian Church, Jacksonville, NC
Mary's Chapel, Wake Forest, NC
North Street Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
St. Mary's Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Benson, NC
Stoney Hill Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC
Wake Union Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC
Woodland Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC

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