April 15, 2014

The Five Williams

Stancil Family Crest
I try to remind myself how lucky I am to live in the area where my family has resided for over 366 years. That's over 9 generations. Wow!

But it gets really complicated when I'm trying to sort out the William Stancils of the world. There are SO MANY OF THEM!

For example, my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th great grandfathers are all named William Stancil.  And they all live within a four county radius of each other. 

My William Stancils are in addition to many many OTHER William Stancils from different branches of the same tree. There are literally hundreds of them in a four county area. Cumulatively, of course. Not all at the same time.

All were very talented farmers and land owners. One was a Patriot. At least two were slave holders. All fathered large families. Between them, they had 6 wives and 27 children who they really liked to name John, Godfrey, Peter, and of course...William. The same names, over and over. 

It is all very confusing to a simple gal like me.

A prolific bunch, they were!


  1. I feel your pain ;)! I also descend from William Stancill and we share the same 6th great-grandfather William. I descend from another son of his - John Stancill (1723-64). It's no easier when you are researching all the John's! We should catch up sometime! David Stancil

    1. Ha! I was reading your comment and being amused at the similar names problem. Then I read your name…and I’d bet money you’re not MY David Stancil, so apparently there are a handful of those, too. Lol I’m Anna Stancil Cumbow, and my dad is David Stancil. We are cousins to some degree though, so hi! :) We are through the Williams and Moses.

  2. Carla, Your blogs are delightful. My great-grandmother was Elizabeth "Lizzie" Stancil and I'm trying to trace her family back into NC. Currently I'm stumped by the Williams. You trace your ancestry back to William b. 1702 in VA, to his son William b. 1732, then through his grandson William b. abt. 1760, Cumberland, NC. This William married Edney Moore and raised their family in North Carolina.
    Many other researchers claim that William (b. 1702) had a son (or grandson) William b. 1765 who married Elizabeth Roberts and moved the family to South Carolina by 1820.
    Have you been able to clarify the parentage of the William (b. 1760) who remained in NC vs. the William (b. 1765) who moved to SC?
    Thanks so much for any insight you can offer.