April 9, 2014

Delayed Birth Certificates in North Carolina

Births were not officially recorded in North Carolina until about October of 1913. Even then, many births were not registered as they often took place at home and without a physician attending. This is particularly true for rural births. 

There is no federal law requiring birth certificates which are generally kept at the state or local level. As far as I can tell, birth certificates are not required by law. Registration of a birth is voluntary, but you cannot get a social security number without a birth certificate and the parents cannot claim a child as a dependent without same. So...

Many folks got "delayed" birth certificates so they could conduct whatever business that required a social security number. It is very interesting to me to look at the documentation that was required for proof of idendity. There are clues in them 'dar documents! 

In both my Davis and Stancil lines, mention is made of family Bibles on delayed birth certificates. A gold mine of information!  And marriage certificates, personal knowledge, insurance policies...

Delayed birth certificates offer far more family details than regular birth certificates. Love that!

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  1. The application for a delayed birth certificate held many family clues as the application required at least 3 people to document that they were aware of the applicant's birth. Those letters held addresses, dates and othere information. As the world now knows that the Franklin County Manager (Angela Harris) thought that such information was not valid and proceded to have all such material burned.