April 22, 2014

Obituary of Edmund Johnson, 1818 - 1907

Death of an Aged Citizen, 
Smithfield Herald, May 17, 1907

Mr. Edmond Johnson, living about five miles west of Smithfield died Thursday, May 9th. He was 88 years old. He had been married four times and lived to see his children and grand children a great host. His youngest daughter is over 21 years old.  He was a man of remarkable strength and endurance. Last call he picked out more than three bales of cotton. He liked to smoke and usually carried his pipe with him whereever he went. "Uncle Edmond" as he was familiarly called, was liked by everybody. His friends and acquaintances will regret to hear he is dead. The burial took place on Friday of last week at a graveyard  near Mr. Josephus Johnson. Seldom does so large a crowd assemble to see a burial as was present.

Note: Name is misspelled in obit (should be Edmund) and date of death is incorrect (should be May 7, 1907).

Note:  He is buried in the Johnson Family Cemetery west of Four Oaks, NC near intersection of SR 1330 and 1350. In the north west corner of a field, all stones are broken. It was a family cemetery before Johnson Chapel Church was established. 

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