April 28, 2014

Johnston School News, Smithfield Herald, July 7, 1923

Smithfield Herald, July 7, 1923
Smithfield, NC
Mrs. Jesse Stancil and son, Roland, spent Saturday night in Smithfield with Mrs. Stancil's brother, Mr. Elmond Johnson.

Aside from the fact that it seems quite outmoded to report an overnight visit among family in a newspaper, I don't quite get the headline here, "Johnston School News'. I checked the North Carolina Gazetteer to see if "Johnston School" is a place or community in Johnston County, but it's not listed. Apparently not. 


Still....it's nice to know - in April of 2014 - that my grandmother and uncle visited her brother for an overnight stay in the summer of 1923. 

Where else would you find that sort of information? It's fun to find interesting tidbits of info outside the normal channels of birth and death certificates. Love that!

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