April 13, 2014

Where in the world is Mezie Huskey?

My great great grandmother is a mystery to me. Mezie HUSKEY was born about 1860 in Granville County, NC. She died about 1910. 

When she was 20, she married Henry A. ALLEN, son of George Benjamin ALLEN and Mary THOMPSON, about 1880. Henry would have been about 40 years old. An older man.

Henry and Mezie had four children, best as I can tell. 

Their son Eugene (nickname Bud) was my great grandfather. He was born on 03 May 1880 in Wake County, NC. He had 3 sisters Adie, Ester, and Iowa.  Eugene's death certificate lists Mezie and Henry as his parents. 

I've found tons of information on Henry. Not so much on Mezie. I've heard her last name could be Husketh, Huskie, or Husky. Mezie may be a nickname. Perhaps her real name is Lauronieca, Armeda or Arillda. 

I'll continue to search for Grandma Mezie, but in the meantime, if you see her please let me know!  Tell her I love her and I'd like to meet her.



  1. My grandfather ( on my mothers side) was Roy Husketh he is buried in a cemetery on Stony Hill Rd ( along with some other Husketh relatives ) in Wake County. Not far from where my great grandfather George W Pearce is buried. Being so close in distance I would speculate it was Husketh and not Huskey. There is a Husketh Rd in Durham county not very far from that location as well.

  2. Correction my grandfather is buried on New Light Rd not Stony Hill Rd.