October 16, 2013


Atlas ALLEN and Ethel DAVIS ALLEN - my maternal grandparents - were married in New Light, Wake County, North Carolina on October 14, 1926.

Here's a transcription of their marriage certificate found in the Wake County Register of Deeds in Raleigh, NC on page 26D:

Date Issued:      Oct. 14, 1926 
Date Married:     Oct. 14, 1926 
Husband's Full Name:  Vater A. Allen 
Bride's Full Name:  Ethel Davis 
Husband's Residence:  Neuse, Rt. 2 
Bride's Residence:  Youngsville, Rt. 3 
Husband's Age:  22 
Bride's Age:  21 
Name of Title of Person performing marriage:  J.G. Davis, Baptist Minister 
Place of marriage:  New Light Township 

Witnesses:  Onnie Davis, Bruce Davis, --- Pleasant 

Of the witnesses, Bruce DAVIS was Ethel's brother. I don't know who Onnie DAVIS is or the unknown Pleasant. 

The minister, yet another DAVIS, was probably a family member but I have no idea which one.  

They married in New Light, which isn't really a town. It's a "township" without a town, according to Wikipedia. Really.

The fellow looking so lovingly at Grandma Ethel in the picture to the right isn't her husband. He was - before she married, of course - her beau of one time, Luther Lowery.

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