October 20, 2013

Introducing Miss Alice C BARBER

Alice C. Barber Johnson
I'd like to introduce you to Miss Alice BARBER, my paternal great grandmother. 

She was born in Feb 1868 in Johnston County, North Carolina, as the first child of Absolom BARBER and Tabitha BYRD. 

She had eight siblings: 

William R.
Ida F.
Etta Florence
Mary Elizabeth
Baldy Denny
When she was 17, Alice married William Jarrett JOHNSON on 03 May 1885 in Johnston, North Carolina. Incidentally  May 3 is also my parents anniversary. I just love coincidences like that!

Alice regularly shows up on the US Census:

  • 1880: Lived in Elevation, Johnston, North Carolina at age 12.
  • 1890:  This census was lost in a fire in 1921, but it's pretty cool that this was the first census tabulated by a machine. 
  • 1900: Lived in Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina at age 32 married to the head of household, William JOHNSON. 
  • 1910: Lived in Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina at age 41, married to head of household, William JOHNSON.
William Jarrett JOHNSON and Alice C. BARBER had a slew of children:
  1. William Lester JOHNSON was born 06 March 1903 in Cumberland County, North Carolina. He died on 23 Aug 1971 in Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina. My daddy used to take me to "Little Washington" to visit Lester.
  2. Robert L. JOHNSON was born in Aug 1889 in Johnston County, North Carolina. He died in Apr 1910 in Johnson County, North Carolina.
  3. Elmond JOHNSON was born in Feb 1892 in Johnston County, North Carolina. He died at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina. My son was born at Rex. Both of my parents died at Rex. My breast cancer was largely treated at Rex. A lot of family connection there!
  4. Almond JOHNSON was born in Dec 1893 in Johnston County, North Carolina. He died in Oct 1949. He married Ila SPENSE on 17 Oct 1915.
  5. Ada Lou JOHNSON was born on 16 Nov 1894 in Johnston County, North Carolina. She died on 04 Jan 1963 in Wake County, North Carolina at age 68. She married Jesse Bernard STANCIL on 18 Nov 1917 in Johnston County, North Carolina. These are my grandparents!
  6. Mattie Florence JOHNSON was born on 17 Feb 1896 in Granville County, North Carolina. She died on 21 May 1954 in Garner, Johnston County, North Carolina. I wonder what in the world Alice was doing in Granville County when she gave birth to Mattie? 
  7. Sister JOHNSON was born in Apr 1900 in Johnston County, North Carolina.

What was Alice and William thinking when they named two of their sons Elmond and Almond? I can't find a family connection to those two names. 

Alice died on 10 Aug 1920 in Johnston County, North Carolina of uremia - the old term for kidney failure. I've always wondered what caused her kidney failure. She was 52 years old. One year younger than me. 

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  1. Alice was my 3rd great-grandmother. It seems we have many ancestors in common on my mother's side, including the Johnson and Allen families. You wouldn't happen to have any information about a Bythan William Johnson or a John A. Allen, both born around 1824 in Johnston County, would you? Both of them would have been my 3rd great-grandfather, but I can't seem to find who they belonged to. Bythan Johnson married Mariah Young of Franklin County, and John A. Allen married Sarah (Sally) Johnson, daughter of Amos Johnson, Jr. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated!