October 9, 2013

Jesse and Lou Ada Johnson Stancil

Jesse Bernard STANCIL and Lou Ada JOHNSON married on November 17, 1917 at the home of her brother, Almond JOHNSON, in Smithfield, NC. 

I've often wondered if Jesse and Lou Ada married when they did knowing the war was coming and he would be called to serve. 

His draft registration card is dated June 5, 1917, just 2 months after the US entered the war and 5 months before he married. He was drafted July 22, 1918, a year after his draft form was completed and 9 months after he married.

At a time when most married in their late teens and immediately started a family, Jesse and Lou Ada waited. Ada married just two days after her 22nd birthday. Jesse was also 22. Their first child, Jesse Roland STANCIL, wasn't born for another 5 1/2 years, when Lou Ada was 27 years old. That was OLD in those days to have your first child. She was 36 when her youngest child was born, my father Carl Donald STANCIL. So once she started having children, they came quickly. She had 6 children in 9 years! Whew...that makes me tired!

Jesse and Lou Ada were married 46 years when she died of ovarian cancer in 1964. 

Among some of the more unflattering things my mother would say to me was the comment "you are ALLEN coming and STANCIL going", meaning that the back of my head was pointy and my behind "generous"...just like my grandmother Lou Ada. Thanks, mom.

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