October 31, 2013

Joseph Henry STANCIL and Fannie A. JOHNSON

My great grandparents, Joe and Fannie, married on September 14, 1892 in Johnston County, NC. 

It is documented in the Marriage Register of Johnston County, NC Vol II, 1881-1900, Ross. RNC 929.3756. The Justice of the Peace who married them was an AM SANDERS. 

Joseph Henry STANCIL was the son of William STANCIL and his wife Mary Ann Rebecca MASSENGILL. Fannie was the daughter of Walter JOHNSON and Parazadia (Zadie) JOHNSON. 

Both families were long time residents of Johnston County going back generations. 

In March of 1904 when Fannie was just 26 years old, she died at her father's home after becoming ill while visiting. She'd been hit by a falling tree a few years earlier and her obituary insinuates her death was related. She left behind three small children. Joseph and Fannie had been married 12 years when she died.

From family stories, Fannie was a very kind and gentle woman. Those Stancil women tend to be that way.

Six years after Fannie's death, Joe remarried Nellie PLEASANTS, a widow with one child of her own. He died 19 years later.

I think it's sweet that Fannie and Joe are buried side by side at Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Johnston County. 

Nellie lived another 40 years after Joe's death. She had a debilitating stroke and was in Howard's Rest Home in Morrisville, NC when she died in 1965. Her death certificate does not list either parent or her husband.


  1. Hi Carla,

    Your blog is great. I'm enjoying it a great deal. Just want to share with you a correction on the picture identification you posted on the article concerning Joseph Henry Stancil and Fannie A. Johnson. The couple shown in the photo is not Joseph H. Stancil and his wife Fannie Johnson. It is a photo of Willis Conley Walton (1869-1919) and his wife Martha Frances "Fannie" Johnson (1864-1936) of Pleasant Grove Township, Johnston County, NC. Fannie (Johnson) Walton was the sister of my great-great grandmother Mary Alice (Johnson) Johnson (1857-1938; md. Benjamin Franklin Johnson) of Harnett County, NC.

    There is absolutely no question whatsoever about the identification of this photo. Willis and Fannie lived on Mount Pleasant Church Road just west of Edmundson. This photo was made by Fannie's younger brother, John Lewis Johnson (1871-1968; md. Minnie Martha Johnson), who was a photographer in Pleasant Grove Township at the beginning of the 20th century. Uncle John's studio was located on Mount Pleasant Church Road right next door to the Walton homeplace. Many of the photos of people who lived in Pleasant Grove Township at the turn of the 20th century were made by John Lewis Johnson. His work often mistakenly gets confused with that of James William Langdon of Four Oaks, another photographer from around the same time. Martha Frances "Fannie" (Johnson) Walton and John Lewis Johnson were both children of Amos Greene Johnson (1828-1905) and his wife Mary Ann Sutton (1838-1905), who also lived at the same location on Mount Pleasant Church Road. Amos Greene and Mary Ann (Sutton) Johnson are my third great-grandparents.

    An original print of this very photo was loaned to me for copying by Betty (Johnson) Wrenn of Asheville, NC, who was John Lewis Johnson's daughter and Fannie (Johnson) Walton's niece. She knew her aunt Fannie well, and had this photo in her possession. I have also seen an original copy of this same photo in the possession of Mrs. Hilda Whitley (husband Stanley), who was the granddaughter of Fannie (Johnson) Walton. She identifies it as her grandparents Willis and Fannie (Johnson) Walton. Harold Medlin also copied this photo as part of his vast photo collection (probably from Hilda Whitley's copy), and he also has the photo identified as Willis and Fannie (Johnson) Walton. This photo is also posted by me at FindAGrave.com on Willis and Fannie Walton's memorials.



    Mark Valsame

  2. I am VERY grateful to you for pointing out this error. Two different sources had identified the photo, but I have a great deal of respect for your work and I'm positive you are correct. I've removed the photo from the blog post and I will remove it from anywhere else I might have it, such as in my Ancestry database.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the blog! Please...if you see anything else that you think may not be accurate, I would appreciate a head's up. I want everything I post to be accurate - so if it's not, I will remove or correct immediately.