October 26, 2013

Davis Family Bible

I attended the Family History Fair today sponsored by the NC Archives. Wonderful event!  There I learned of a project underway to collect family Bible  records. It's a great project and I intend to contribute. 

Speaking of which...here's a transcription of what's in the Davis Family Bible transcribed exactly as originally written:

Ernest Davis and Evie Allan was married the 30th of December 1913
Rolin Davis and Louie Davis was married the 14th of the September 1918
James Mitchell and Francis Davis was married June 1946


Meona Davis was born April 24, 1888
Earnest Davis was born September 11, 1890
Othea Davis was born July 14, 1892
Henry Davis was born December 23, 1894
Rowland Davis was born February 15, 1897
Mary Davis was born June 9, 1899
Beered Davis was born October 14, 1901
Cora Davis was born May 25, 1905
Ethel Davis was born December 27, 1906
Bruce Davis was born October 5, 1908
Oddse Sidney Davis was born April 28, 1911
Vera Magnolia Davis was born 21 of September 1915
Louisa Davis October 5, 1917
R. O. Davis was born September 23, 1921


Mrs. C. D. Davis
Mr. Othea Davis
Mr. Henry Davis
Mr. Beered Davis
Miss Ovie Davis died June 28, 1929
Ora Mae Davis
Baby Davis
Charlie Roland Davis died June 6, 1956
Earnest F. Davis died September 28, 1955
Otis Davis died


Meona Davis
Ovie Davis
Earnest Davis
Beered Davis
Othea Davis
Cora Davis
Henry Davis
Ethel Davis
Rowland Davis
Bruce Davis
Mary Davis
Otis Davis

(Blank page without header)

Lucindy Hall was born 1844 March 29th and died 1922 July the 12th.

Med Davis was born 1864 December the 27.

Charles Roland Davis born February 10, 1897

Louie Davis was born July 29, 1903

Roy V. Davis was born Sept. 23, 1921

Louise Davis born November 3, 1924

Nathanial Davis born June 3, 1924

Ora Mae Davis born March 3, 1930

Eula Francis Davis born July 3, 1931

C. R. Davis born November 11, 1933

Claud Everette Davis June 10, 1937

Matilda Ann Davis March 29, 1940

Judy Linda Davis born May 10, 1947

 The Bible is covered in a red fabric and is in poor condition. Many of the pages are loose and have been re-inserted incorrectly. The binding and glue on the spine of the Bible has disintegrated. These handwritten entries are on pages in the center of the Bible. Most are on pages with headers (Marriages, Births, Deaths, Names) and elaborate artwork. Only one page was originally a blank page, but it was used to record family births and deaths.

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