July 3, 2014

Independence Day

I can't let Independence Day come and go without pausing a moment to brag. Not brag so much as to recognize my Patriot ancestors who personally had a hand (or gave a life) to help create a new nation:

1. CYRUS DAVIS of Granville County, NC served in Donoho's Company from April 1776 to September 1778. 

2. JONES FULLER of Granville County, NC served with the Granville Militia in Cept. Solomon Alston's Company. 

3. MESHAK FULLER served from Granville County, NC.

4. JOEL JOHNSON served from Johnston County, NC.

5. JOHN JOHNSON of Johnston County, NC was a Pvt. with the 2nd North Carolina Batt. He served under Capt. Manlore Tarrant and Col. John Patten.  

6. BENJAMIN MATTHEWS served from Bladen County, NC. He received 207 pounds 5 shillings in 1783 for some unspecified participation.

7. MATTHEW MOORE of Cumberland County, NC served with his father, WILLIAM MOORE. 

8. WILLIAM MOORE of Cumberland County, NC served in Lt. Col's Company enlisting July 20, 1778.

9. GODFREY STANCIL of Tyrrell County, NC served on the Pitt County Safety Committee during the war.

10. JOHN STANCIL of Wake County, NC served in Capt. Polk's Regiment 1776 - 1784.

11. PETER STANCIL of Tyrrell County, NC gave his life in service. He was in the 10th Reg., Capt. Bradley's Company. In his service file found at the NC Archives is this one statement:  
"I hereby certify that Peter Stancil served as a continental soldier in the North Carolina Line and dec'd in the service thereof. Given under my hand this 23rd fay of December, 1796. John Mecleara"
For his service and death, Peter's heirs were entitled to a land bounty given after the war by the State of North Carolina. The land was in Tennessee.

I am sure there are many other patriot ancestors I have not yet identified. 

It makes me quite proud that my family - both paternal and maternal - helped step us toward democracy. 

Somewhere between your first burger and your last hotdog tomorrow, be sure to pause a moment to remember why you have the day off. If not for the Peter Stancil's of the world who gave their lives in service, we would not be enjoying a beautiful celebration in the land of the free. 

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  1. Hi - I'm enjoying this page. I may have already noted this, but just in case, the John Stansill you show as #10 on your list is my 4th great-grandfather. He was born in Beaufort (Pitt) County in 1758-59, had moved to Wake/Johnston County by the early 1770's, but was a resident of Mecklenburg (Union) County at the time of his service (Charles Polk's Militia was from Mecklenburg). I have accumulated much about him over the last 31 years - though I still have a few unknowns. If you would like more info, let me know.