July 9, 2014

Death Certificate Abstracts: another piece of paper

Death Certificate Abstract for
Ethel Davis Allen
Part of my recent organization effort has been to abstract and dissect my documentation so as to wring every ounce of information from them. I've poured over forms and templates online until my eyes are crossed. 

I found a great abstract for death certificates on The Organized Genealogist on Facebook. I tweaked and modified it to jive with North Carolina death certificates since 99% of my family's death certificates are from this state.

I posed a question about the social security number. I always hesitate to record these. I have stopped recording them in my Family Tree Maker database. I've never had an occasion to use the number and I am aware of security issues around these numbers. Still...I had to ask. Has anyone ever had a reason or need for a family member's SSN for research purposes?

I'm not sure if they are needed to order the SS-5 (Application for a Social Security Number) cause I stopped ordering them when the cost increased to $35 a while back. Beyond that...why would the SSN be important to a genealogist?

Maybe I'm missing something. That's often the case. 

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