July 11, 2014

High School Alumni Newsletters: Jesse Roland Stancil

Brought High School Alumni Newsletter
Summer 2001
An often overlooked source (at least, by me...) is the good 'ole high school alumni newsletter. I'm sure not every high school has one, but if they do, it can contain pictures and information that will make your heart pitter patter.

Take for instance Broughton High School in Raleigh, NC. It is one of the oldest high schools in Wake County and ranked as one of the top high schools in the nation. It's a New Deal school - large and imposing constructed of stone. Love those New Deal schools. 

A lovely gentleman - whose name I can't recall, naturally - has worked long and hard to keep the lines of communication open for Broughton alumni. He was with the Class of 1941. I spoke with him several years ago, and he recalled my Uncle Roland clearly as well as all those "Stancil boys". He even remembered the lady (Miss Vada Dew) my uncle was sweet on  in high school. She is still alive and living in Raleigh!  How cool is that?

He sent me the newsletter in which he had included a blurb about my uncle's death in World War II. 

PFC Jesse Roland Stancil attended Lewis School and Broughton in the '30s and enlisted in the Army on April 8, 1943. He landed in the Anzio Invasion and fought up the "boot" of Italy with Co. I, 157th Reg. of the 45th Division. Jesse Roland was killed in southern France on October 21, 1944 and is buried in Montlawn Cemetery in Raleigh. There were six Stancil boys and one girl who lived at 51 N. West Street in Raleigh, NC.

He even included two pictures of him.  I was very impressed, not to mention touched by his efforts to communicate with alumni and let them in on the news of one another. 

So don't do like I did and neglect to check with the high schools attended by your family members. You just might get a lovely surprise!

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