June 16, 2014

Veterans Remembrance Group, Sanford, NC

I had a wonderful opportunity to meet a group of veterans in Sanford last week. I was asked to speak about my family's military history, but I think they got the short end of the stick. I came away with much more than I gave and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

The group consisted of Korean, WWII, and Vietnam vets. They were engaging, kind, and quite willing to share. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

I came across this group by serendipity.  For a full hour I got to brag on my daddy and talk about my experience as a military dependent.

I loved these guys! 

SO...if you are ever given the opportunity to exchange with a local veterans group...DO IT. It will enrich you in ways you would never imagine!

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  1. Carla
    The pleasure was ours, we all enjoyed your open conversation about your family and the strong military ties to our country. It was also very enjoyable to help provide some information that may help you to further your understanding some of the numerous abbreviations/acronyms used in the military.
    Most of us have a few wrinkles on our skin, but we are all very patriotic and love our country as you surely do. We all enjoy sharing our experiences with each other, and other very welcome guests like yourself. Our next meeting is September 10th, and you are most welcome to attend. Thanks again, and please keep in touch.
    Don Schreiner/Moderator, Veterans Remembrance Group, Lee County