June 6, 2014

William Stancil and wife Edney Moore

My 4th great grandfather, William STANCIL, was born about 1760 in Cumberland County, NC. He was the first child of William STANCIL and unknown wife. As far as I can tell, he had only one sibling, Peter. 

His wife and my 4th great grandmother, Edney MOORE, was born about 1785 also in Cumberland County, NC. She was the fourth child of Matthew MOORE and wife Prudence. Edney had twelve siblings:  Benjamin, Hardy, Perry, John, Lewis, Britton, Prudence, Matthew, Nancy, Mary, Silas, and Sarah Henrie. 

William STANCIL and Edney MOORE had three children:

  • William Young STANCIL was born on 10 May 1803 in Cumberland County, NC. He died in 1880 in Johnston County, NC. He married Elizabeth Sallie MORGAN before 1835 in Johnston County, NC. These were my 3rd great grandparents. I wrote about them here.
  • John STANCIL was born about 1805 in Cumberland County and died sometime after 1880 in Harnett County, NC.
  • Alexander STANCIL was born about 1807 in Cumberland County and died in 1862 in Granville County, NC. He married Celia BARBER on 20 Jan 1835 in Johnston County, NC.
  • Wealthy Jane STANCIL was born and died in Cumberland County, NC. I wrote about her notorious lifestyle here.

I've yet to find proof of who William's father is, but I speculate it may be William Stancil Jr. because he was in Cumberland during the 1770s. William and his brother Peter appear in Cumberland records starting about 1790. 

William and Edney lived in the part of Cumberland County that bordered with Johnston County (at the time) which is where most of their children settled.

Land Grant to William Stancil
July 1797 for 150 acres in
Cumberland County, NC
William was quite active in the Cumberland County real estate market at least between 1805 and 1816. Some of the transactions were between him and his brother-in-law, John Moore and others between William and his brother Peter. William also received several land grants in Cumberland County.

William must have died between 1820–1830 in Cumberland County because he does not appear on the 1830 census. It does not appear that a will or estate record survived. Edney Moore Stancil died sometime after 1850.

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