June 8, 2014

Map of Colonial Families in Granville County

Genealogists tend to clap their hands and stomp their feet with absolute glee when they come across an old map showing family land. It's a truly happy day.

Here's a great example! 

This map shows lands held by Granville families in the Colonial period. Many of my family names show up here:  Pearce, Ray, Allen and others.

It shows landowners, churches, and retail stores in the original Granville County which now includes portions of Franklin, Vance, Warren and Wake Counties in North Carolina. Hot dog!!

The landowners are listed numerically at the bottom of the map along with bits of genealogical information.  

The map was originally compiled by Mr. Worth Ray of Austin, Texas. 

Thanks, Mr. Ray!  You've done us all a tremendous favor!

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