June 17, 2014

Isle of Wight

Just across the river from the first settlement of Jamestown, VA is Isle of Wight (IOW).  It was discovered by James Smith, no less, and became an important jumping off point for many of our early ancestors.

For example, one of my immigrant ancestors, John Stancil, indentured himself to a Virginia planter to pay for his ride from England to America. He landed in the Isle of Wight area and worked off his obligation. Once free of the indenture, his sons and grandchildren find their way into NC.

I've always wanted to visit IOW, and it's perfectly ridiculous that I haven't already done so seeing that it's only a few hours from Raleigh. I'm finally going to do it! This upcoming weekend, I'll snake my way from coastal North Carolina to coastal Virginia and immerse myself in all things Isle of Wight!

I'll start with the Isle of Wight Visitor Center, move on to the museum, and spend some time in the library. I'll visit historic St. Lukes Church and the old courthouse of 1750

What a geeky weekend!  Aren't you glad you're not going with me? Hehe.

I'll post on it next week and let you know how it went!

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  1. Hope you got to visit Suffolk. That's the place John Stansall (as he spelled it in 1683) settled after indenture and landing at Henry Neck (Cape Henry). Nansemond County back then. He was still there in 1705 based in my research. Have you found anything that indicates he went to IOW before coming into NC? That would new info for many of us. Certainly possible.