August 10, 2014

NCPedia: Things you never knew about North Carolina

Gosh knows I love my North Carolina. Born and raised here, I have said many times that I am extremely lucky to live in the land of my ancestors. Particularly the dead ones. <SMILE>

The NCPedia site is all about all things North Carolina. Here, you can browse biographies, people, culture, and history. Plus business, education, and geography. All part of North Carolina. It has nearly 7000 images.  


NC Trivia Quiz

Women in North Carolina

Folklore and Legends

Places of Interest 

State Symbols

Who knew we had a State Dog?? But seriously....a PLOTT HOUND??

They're cute and all, but I really think my darling Sophie would be an excellent candidate for State Dog!

Ever heard the State Toast? (Just to show what a North Carolina nerd I can be, it used to be part of my email signature!)
Here's the land of the longleaf pine
The summer land where the sun doth shine
Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great
Here's to Down Home, the old North State

Read the rest of the toast here

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