August 8, 2014

Geeky Friday: Old Maps

Maps are cool. Especially old maps. And especially old maps of North Carolina and the counties I research. 

Here's some great info on using maps in genealogy

Over the years, I've bought a few old NC maps on eBay, but that can get to be an expensive hobby and these days I'd rather put my genealogy dollars elsewhere. 

I do have a few fav map sites and one sorta map site:

Early American Roads and Trails - these trails head west and most are not on the eastern seaboard, but if you have family who set out for the great unknown, information on westward trails will be very interesting.

Perry-Castaneda Map Collection - The University of Texas has a real gem here. Many of the maps were produced by the CIA and include topograhic (my personal fav) and aeronautical maps. Historical maps from all over the world. 

Library of Congress Map Collection - nearly 400,000 maps dating back to 1299. Map geek heaven.

Green's Path - one of the primary routes settlers used in migrating south from Virginia. Runs roughly the same route as today's I-95. Some of my ancestors were travelers on Green's Path.

It's going to be a rainy gray weekend here in Raleigh, NC. Perfect time to get lost in genealogy!

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