August 20, 2014

William Stancil Land Grant in Cumberland County, NC 1807


Wm Stancil
100 Acres Land
No. 379


State of North Carolina
Cumberland County

Surveyed Sept 26, 1807 for William Stancil

100 acres of land in said county warrant No. 379 and Ent. Oct 1, 1799

Beginning at a stake ?? on or near Elizabeth Stewart back line of her land toward Averas corner then at Averas line north sixty then past forty six chains to a pine in the edge of the south field road then south twenty four east seventeen chains and fifty links to a stake and pointer on Averas line then north forty four east thirty three chains and fifty links then north forty six and fifteen chains then south sixty six west seventy six chains along Elizabeth Stewart’s line of her back track to her line of the Avera survey then as that link to the Beginning.

Alexander Avera
James Carraway

James McNeil, Surv.

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