January 27, 2014

Miss Meona Davis, 1888 - 1964

Ms. Meona DAVIS was born in the Brassfield area of Granville County, NC April 24, 1888 to parents Sidney and Cordelia DAVIS. She never married but she was an integral part of the family and was always spoken of with love. In fact, her gravestone reads "A true friend to everyone".

She was my maternal grandmother's beloved sister, making her my grand aunt. I recall my mother always speaking of her with great respect. 

Meona worked at Dorthea Dix mental hospital in Raleigh, NC for many years and eventually retired from the State of NC. I've heard stories about her walking many miles to and from work along railroad tracks. She worked for years in the Dix laundry and then as a worker on a ward.

For a single woman from a poor family, it is surprising that she dabbled in Granville County real estate. She purchased 26.75 acres of farm land to re-sell to her brother Earnest DAVIS and his wife Evie ALLEN, because she felt they were the only family members who would work hard enough to farm the land. 

She died from thyriod cancer at age 75 on April 15, 1964. She was a life long member of Good Hope Christian Church which is where she was buried. 

Her obituary from Raleigh's News and Observer:
Miss Meona Davis
Wake Forest. Miss Meona Davis, 76, of Franklinton, Rt. 1 died Wednesday. She was a native of Granville County, North Carolina and was a retired State employee. She was a member of Good Hope Christian Church. Funeral services  will be held Friday at 3:00 pm at Good Hope Christian Church. The Rev. T. N. Daughtery, pastor, will officiate, assisted by the Rev. E. M. Carter of Youngsville. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Surviving are four sisters, Mrs. Mary Allen, Mrs. Cora Finch, Mrs. Ethel Allen, and Ovie Lowery, all of Raleigh; two brothers, Bruce Davis of Wake Forest Rt. 3 and Otis Davis of Youngsville, Route 1.

Good Hope Baptist Church, Youngsville, NC

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