January 28, 2014

Love Letters

My father, Carl Donald STANCIL, was absolutely the sweetest most loving man I've ever known. He was kind, affectionate, and loved me to the ends of the earth. The love was mutual.

Daddy was an avid letter writer. I have hundreds of letters he wrote to his mom, siblings, and my mother during his 20 years of service in the United States Marine Corps.

In the letter I share here, he is professing his love to my mother about 6 weeks after they married. He is stationed at Camp Lejeune,
NC and she is back home in Raleigh waiting for him. 

I have to warn this letter is a tad steamy. It reminds me that our parents are more than just parents; they were one another's best friend and lover. Just as it should be. 


June 26, 1952

My Darling Wife,

Yes, darling it is Thursday night and just one more day before I can come home to hold you close to me, yes my darling so close that our hearts will be beating together in rhythm as of one.  We didn’t have that 25 mile hike tonight. It was postponed until next week. We made our final run on the demolition range today and one guy was wounded in the left arm by a piece of shrapnel. He was standing right next to me when the explosion went off. I was darn lucky stuff flew all around me but not even a scratch. We won’t have to mess with those demolitions for a while. I sure hope not anyway.

I love you my angel more and more with each passing day. These guys asked me why do I write to you every night and I tell them that they have never been in love or at least they have never shared the true and tender love for you darling. I love you my darling and I want the world to know that. I have true love for you and you alone. I love you my angel and I’ll love you always. Well sweet darling I guess I had better close for tonight and take a cold shower and hit the sack, remember my sweet darling that your little Sgt. Will love you for always and always and always.

All my love,

Your husband, Carl

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