December 2, 2013

Introducing Ms. Avasilla Fluellen, 1776 - 1835

I just love that name...Avasilla FLUELLEN. Pretty cool that she's my 4th great grandmother. And double God bless her...she had a whopping 14 children (though some of these may have been her husband's children from his first marriage)! She was quite a woman. And her husband, Justice PARRISH, musta been quite a guy!

I don't have very much information on Granny Ava yet, except her marriage bond (May 30, 1797) to the prolific Justice, who had a total of 3 wives and 16 children. Good thing he owned a lot of land in Johnston County, NC. According to his will abstract, he provided very nicely for Ava leaving her 380 acres of land and his plantation, although he owned a total of 1200 acres acquired via land grants and purchases. This land is in the Coats and McGee's Crossroads area that sits near the line of Johnston and Harnett County, very near where I now live.

She was born in 1776 in Johnston County, making her a good bit younger than Justice, born in 1745 in Goochland County, Virginia. There was over 30 years difference in their ages.

Avasilla passed in 1835 living another 27 years after Justice passed away.  She was only 32 when she became a widow, so it's possible she remarried. 

Their daughter Parazadia (another great name!) is my 3rd great grandmother. 


  1. Ava is my 6th great grandmother

    1. She's my 4th great grandmother! I'd love to share notes on her, if you are interested.

    2. That would be great, I don't have much information on her and her side of the family.

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