December 3, 2013

Eugene Narron ALLEN Gravestone

Eugene N. Allen, 1880 - 1938
In Loving Memory
Eugene Narron ALLEN - my great grandfather - was born, lived, and died in Wake County, North Carolina.  He must have been a real rough and tumble fellow. 

His official occupation was farmer, but his unofficial occupation (and likely the real source of his income) was moonshiner. His son, Atlas, "ran" his father's moonshine, which means he sold and delivered from the trunk of his Buick. My mother was also pressed into service from time to time making deliveries - way before she was really old enough to drive. 

In May of 1927, Eugene was sentenced to 6 months on a road crew (better known as a chain gang) as a result of his illegal activities. Atlas also did a little jail time around 1934 for his part in the family business. 

Eugene lost his wife, Lizzy RAY ALLEN, when she gave birth to their 8th child, Marvin Eugene ALLEN. He was left to raise and support 8 children on his own. 

Eugene died at age 58 from heart disease, likely brought on by a lifetime of smoking and hard drinking. If you've ever tasted real moonshine, you know what I mean by HARD drinking! The stuff is truly nasty and burns like the dickens going down. The reason I know this is because my aunt always kept a mason jar - complete with rusty lid -  of it under her kitchen sink, and us kids would get a little taste at Christmastime. Family values in the south can be a little twisted, huh?

Eugene is buried at New Light Baptist Church in the northernmost part of Wake County. His wife Lizzy is buried next to him. 

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