December 23, 2013

Christmas Past

Well, it's the eve of Christmas eve. Gifts are wrapped, cookies baked, and house is clean. I'm in good shape.

Christmas these days is a lot different from my childhood. Not only am I about 100 years old, but I'm a parent and that really makes me miss being someone's little girl. It makes me appreciate all the many things my parents did for me, especially at Christmas.

We always spent Christmas in Raleigh at my Aunt Lib's house. Here's a pic of the usual Christmas crowd. My mom must have taken the picture since she isn't in it.

Top left to right:  Carl STANCIL, Elizabeth (Lib) ALLEN LEE, Donnie GLOVER, Brenda GLOVER, Deborah LUCAS COOPER, Earnie LUCAS, Joyce ALLEN LUCAS. 

Middle:Ellen GLOVER and Poodle GLOVER

Bottom left to right:  John Henry LEE, Carla STANCIL,  Peanuts STANCIL, Teresa LUCAS COVINGTON.

Food galore. Gifts galore. Laughter galore.

I always had a stocking stuffed with little goodies. And a shoe box with candies and fruit. We opened one gift on Christmas Eve just before bed and the rest the following morning. Mama made her famous fudge and sausage balls. Daddy smiled. A lot. He loved Christmas.

I'm getting teary just remembering. Or maybe it's Bing Crosby singing O Holy Night on Pandora. Either way my Christmas memories are true treasures. 

Merry Christmas to you and your memories of family. 

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