November 18, 2013

Update: Salem Primitive Baptist Church

So I've griped for years that I couldn't find anyone who knew a single thing about Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Wendell, NC (actually, for those who know a tad about Johnston County, it's in Archer Lodge.) It was like it didn't exist. No phone number or web site. No one I asked had heard of them - and I asked a lot of people over the years!

My great great grandparents are buried in the cemetery next to the church. I've long wanted to know more about my family's involvement with this church. I suspect the roots run deep. 

Last week, at long last, I made contact with a church leader. And yesterday, I attended services at Salem. 

It was beautiful to sit in a church where I am sure William STANCIL and his wife and Mary MASSENGILL worshiped. I thought about them a lot while I sat there. I could picture them sitting together on a wooden pew with their seven children. Odd that only one of their children are buried with them at Salem, Joseph Henry STANCIL. But then there are a number of unmarked graves, so who knows?

There is something special about this church. I've always loved simple old country churches, but for some reason this one calls to me. 

The church is being gracious enough to open their records to me. I may find nothing about my particular family, but I am very honored and excited to be able to flip through the history of this extremely peaceful place.


  1. I pass this church quite frequently. But never bothered to read past it's Name so today when I read, "founded in 1784" I though, 'What!?! 8 years after we declared our independence, it's been around?' I too would love to know more about the stories surrounding this building!Is it the original building? Who lived out in Archers Lodge back in 1784?! What was the area called then?

  2. history of church please please please

    1. Unfortunately, I don't know a great deal about this church other than what I've posted. I'd love to know more!

  3. My family attended this church and just looked up my grand parents graves. Brings back so many good memories. Thank you to whoever set up this website. Hope to visit church before I die one day. I remember communion feet washing. Leavened bread and wine. Dinner on the grounds. Good ole fashioned preaching and songs. What a great time. I still have one of the cups and plates used for communion.