November 4, 2013

Salem Primitive Baptist Church

I have this insatiable curiosity about many things and one of them is Salem Primitive Baptist Church in Archers Lodge, NC. The church is located on SR 1742 also known as Salem Church Road. The sign in front of the church says it was founded in 1784.

It's a beautiful classic white wooden structure set far out in the countryside. It has a cemetery to the right of the church where several members of my family are buried:


William STANCIL and his wife Mary Ann Rebecca MASSENGILL STANCIL are my great great grandparents. They are buried right next to their son, Joseph Henry STANCIL, my great grandfather. 

I've been searching for more information about this church for nearly 10 years. I'm curious to know how my great great grandparents connect to this church. Did they live nearby? Were they lifelong members? Does the church have any records of interest?

The church is obviously well cared for and it appears services are still held there. The curious thing is no one seems to know a thing about this church. I've checked with the archivist for the Primitive Baptist Association, but they have no record of this church. There is no telephone listing or web site. I've checked with local businesses close by...most didn't even know there was a church up the road. I've checked with other area Primitive Baptist churches...but they've never heard of Salem. It's like this church dropped from the heavens!  

I resorted to leaving a note on the front door of the church asking them to contact me. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

SO...if you know anything at all about Salem PBC, I sure would appreciate a clue about who to contact to ask a few questions. I'm just dying to know a little more about William and Mary! 

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  1. I visited here several years ago and at that time they were alternating Sundays with another PBC in the area. Did you find out when they hold services and possibly a contact number for one of the members or elders? If so, would you be so kind as to pass along the info to me at this email address? shepherd dot field at gmail dot com - - thanks! - - shep