March 23, 2014

No Indians Here

So it seems that a lot of family historians are hell-bent on proving they have "Indian blood" in their line. It's a matter of pride and quite the topic on genealogy DNA forums. 

IF I had American Indian blood flowing through my body, I would be proud, too. But alas, I'm extremely Anglo. My family wandered over from England back in the 1600s, and tended to marry each other or the gal down the road. 

Although I can't rightfully claim the distinction, I've always been very interested in North Carolina tribes, especially the Tuscaroras who lived in central North Carolina in the 1600 - 1700s. 

We can all agree that the Indians didn't get a fair shake back in the day. And I'm continually dismayed at how history is inaccurately portrayed in the popular outdoor dramas in Cherokee, Boone and Manteo. If the State of NC is going to use these very well-done (but historically wrong) dramas as "tourist attractions", I sure wish they'd clean 'em up so they are factual. I dislike the idea of "educating" our tourists with bad information. Seems a disservice to all making true North Carolina history a moot point.

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