December 22, 2014

Family Tree Maker - Bah Humbug

I think I seriously goofed yesterday when I was cleaning up some files on my laptop. It's not a crisis level goof, recovery can happen even if it will cost $$. I hope.

I was cleaning up some OLD FTM back up files when I may have mistakenly deleted my FTM executable file. Egads. I'm surprised that FTM let me delete the entire executable so easily. So maybe that's not the issue. 

I also downloaded a FTM patch which appeared to be required about the same time. Maybe it was buggy or a virus and made my FTM.EXE disappear. Scrooge.

Or maybe I was just distracted preparing for 30+ people to give us a Christmas visit when I deleted the wrong FTM file. 

Whatever the cause, I'm very sad to see that I cannot open any of my FTM files. I'm off work for a good stretch during the holiday and was really looking forward to working on my genealogy.

There's really no point to this post except to vent.  

I'm pretty sure my gg grand-parents didn't have this problem. 

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