September 29, 2013

Getting Started

I’ve been interested in family history ever since my father and I drew his family tree at the kitchen table  on a sheet of lined notebook paper. Well, I’m a lot older now and Daddy is gone - but between the two of us we’ve spent about 60 years of collective research.

Most of the facts in this family history are documented, but many are not. Some of the information is speculation and some of it came from the memories of other family members.

This is a work in progress. I work on my family history almost weekly, sometimes daily.  I’ve done more work on some ancestors than others. Some intrigue me. Some speak to me from the grave. Our story is updated, corrected, and adjusted with each little fact I glean.  

What you are reading today is just a snapshot. Tomorrow, it will change as I discover a new fact, a new ancestor, or someone in the family corrects or adds to my information.  A family history is never complete!

Don’t look for a list of famous relatives in my family history. I come from a long line of regular folks who worked hard to survive and raise their families.  I come from a long line of patriots and farmers. Slave owners, plantation owners, and poor dirt farmers. Indeed, there is a criminal or two in the bunch and more than a few characters. We are a colorful bunch!

So get comfortable and take a read. And be sure to let me know if you have information or want more information. I love to share!


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