February 20, 2014

Jesse Bernard Stancil in World War I

Draft Registration Card of Jesse Bernard Stancil
My paternal grandfather was a veteran of World War I, though he did not leave US soil and served less than a year. 

Draft Registration Card:
Name:  Jesse Bernard Stancil
Age:  21
Wilson's Mills, Rt. 1, North Carolina
Date of birth:  Oct. 16, 1895
Race:  Caucasian
Roll:  1765685
Draft board:  2
Trade:  farming
Tall, stout, brown eyes, black hair

Dated June 5, 1917

Sadly, his service records did not survive the fire of July 1973 at the Military Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

The good news is we've been able to piece together parts of his service.

United States Army from July 22, 1918 to May 15, 1919
- Enlistment period of one year
- Honorable Discharge at a Private on May 15, 1919
- Stationed at Camp Lee, VA
Company B, Conv. Cr. T
- Given travel pay from Fort Lee, VA to Selma, NC of $6.90 on July 22, 1918
- Paid a total of $1273.38

He did strike a handsome pose in uniform, no?

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