January 24, 2015

Tracking documentation

Eugene Narron Allen Death Certificate
Sometimes I get off on tangents and "special projects" that, while they have significant impact on my research, also feed my OCD. For example, I recently started filling in my collection of death certificates. I've said before that I love, love, love death certificates. They provide such rich information and insight. 

I especially like looking at cause of death and the informant to consider the circumstances that may have led up to the death. It's a huge part of the story.

The NC Archives has death certificates from about 1913 to 1979. I ran a FTM report and compiled a list of all family members with deaths in NC in that time frame. 

I had long ago scanned all of them, but they were scattered around my computer files, so I organized them into the proper folder and made sure they were attached as appropriate in Family Tree Maker.

For those that were missing, I first checked Ancestry.com to see if I could snag them online. If that failed, I ordered it from the NC Archives via their online portal.

I tracked cause of death and place of burial. Also the funeral home who handled the deceased, although I've not had any luck getting funeral home records.

Added bonus, of sorts:  Many many of my folks died of heart disease. Guess I need to hit the gym more often so that doesn't happen to me!

Next up:  Marriage records.

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