January 1, 2015

Fresh Starts in 2015

A new year is all about new opportunities, right? Fresh starts. 

I always do the resolutions thing. I'll exercise more, lose 20 pounds, keep a cleaner house, organize my research. Yeah. Right. A girl can dream.

Speaking of fresh starts, I've often toyed with the idea of starting my genealogy research all over again. After all these years and after all the MOUNTAINS of research and facts I've accumulated. 

I've done a terrible job over the years of documenting and properly citing my sources plus I've learned so very much along the way. This would be a great (but oh so daunting) chance to start at the beginning - with myself - and document things the right way. To reexamine my sources, rethink my research strategies. Seems a good way to jump-start my research, which really needs a shot in the arm.

Even one of my genealogical idols, Myrtle, has considered starting over. One of my favorite blogs suggests not really starting over, but instead doing a "reappraisal". 

Cool idea.

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